9 most important tips to write user-friendly blog for all.

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9 most important tips to write user-friendly blog for all.

9 most important tips to write user-friendly blog for all.

A) Simple and readable content –  

What is mean by simple and readable content.

Most of us think if your content is grammatically correct then it is the best content or if your blog has no spelling mistakes then it’s a good blog.

But believe me it’s not like that, grammer and correct spelling both points are really important, but it doesn’t make your blog simple and readable.

Do you want to know why or how? 

look at this FOX NEWS article

Misspelled word that you can read

Are you able to read above example? yes / No / May be.

If yes, then you might have got an idea what is readability. You must understand English is universal language and everyone is not expert in it.

So your content must be as simple as there own native language.

B) Mobile Responsive – 

Before we look into this point we need to understand why do we care about.Pie chart of total user of mobile, tablet & laptop in world

Look at the above chart.

There are total 51% mobile users, it means your site must be mobile friendly and responsive but making your website mobile friendly is not an easy task.


  1. Mobile users don’t read whole blog they scan information.
  2. Most users are impatient and they prefer bullet point to whole information.
  3. blog should be easily accessible (should not be too long that user could’t find specific information)

You understood the importance of mobile friendly website. So let’s start how can you optimize your website. 

Below are some tip for mobile friendly website.

use bullet points.

Make easy way to find specific information.

You can use capital letters or highlight important points.

 Use accordion-style content

C) Wall of text or Wall of Best- 

Now most of you must be like.What are you talking about?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 wait and look at the below images.

Look at the below example. you might get lost somewhere in the middle of the blog and will never find out where were you.

Bad blog writing example

Look at the below example writer has used paragraphs to take some breath to reader.


Good blog writing example

D) Headline-

The Most important part of your content for better CTR in Headline.


Based on Copyblogger research, 80% of visitors will read headlines, and only 20% will read article till the end.

Tips –

  • Write you title between 50–60 characters. If your title has 60 words then chances are higher that it will display properly. If you exceed that limit then google will show those extra words as ……..dots.

Example of exceeding length of words

  • Using “numbers” in your headline is also best practice. Most of the people don’t know psychology behind numbers which says your headline can increase CTR up to 73%.
  • Use years and date to look your content fresh. Look at the below example.

and you can follow these 9 tip to write attractive headline or see these 47 headline examples.

E) Deliver values –

Delivering valuable and unique content is most important part. Why?

There are total more than 440 Million Blogs on the internet.

Don’t believe, go and search it on google.

What is valuable content?

If users are learning from scratch and at the end if they are able to do that whole process, then it is a valuable content. jack ma thoughts about consumer

Look at this example of wiki-how “3 ways to clean old wood” orHow to change a computer hard disk”

Each and every step is given in above blog, if any user is new still he will be able to do that process alone.

F) Be able to provide answer – 

The most important part after creating a valuable content is being able to answer queries of users.


Everyone has different aspect to see any specific thing and this is where you will get different queries from different users.

Answering users query will create engagement and it will let you know that users are not only reading your content but also they are interacting. 

Why blogs are best way for ‘s get updated and blogger always ready to answer users query.

But If you are not able to provide answer to user then  any book will be better than your blog.

How to be available to answer.

The best way to answer the queries is chat boat. It will be more interacting and helps to build trust.

Be available to answer your users comments.

Send mail to user and provide detailed answer.

G) Provide accurate data and create trust- 

Trust is really important for your website, If you are reading my blog then why would you believe on my information. You and I are strangers.

You might have heard about Google penguin algorithm.

This algorithm analyses what are spammy links and what are Quality backlinks, This process helps to find out which sites are providing best and accurate data and how trusted that website is.

Your backlinks must be from the website which has good DA and PA.

How to build trust.

How to build website trust

Or you can go with below blogs for building website trust.

 7 Little Ways to Create a Trustworthy Website
“13 tips help you build a trustworthy website” by Themeisle

5 Ways to build customer trust on your website by MOZ

H) Make you content to perform multiple searches- 

Do you know there are around 5 types of google search results.

Look at below result.

Search engine results

If you write a simple blog,
your blog only be visible  for search engine result. But if you write a blog considering these all tips your blog will be visible in these options, it will increase your chances to get your rank on website.
If you want to learn how to write a blog for google result. Find out below guides.

I) Create engaging content – 

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